A sample of the orders we have carried out

Here is a representative selection from the numerous jobs we have executed in machine design and manufacture which were prepared by Solidcon to the satisfaction of its customers.

Measuring device for the door carriers of train door drives

International company form Modřice

The design order was interesting particularly in relation to the required versatility. Using one device it is now possible to check the measurements of three differently dimensioned door carriers.

Measuring device for car pedals

Company from Opava

Four differently dimensioned car pedals can now be measured using a highly versatile device designed by the Solidcon team. The result meets very strict requirements for production precision, as well as for assembling and calibration. For calibration, we used precision 3D measuring instruments in cooperation with our parent company SolidVision.

Adjusting device for setting connectors into switchboards

International company form Brno

The design part of the order consisted in designing a functional device to fit into the build-up space of a switchboard and allow the screws, holding contacts in the switchboard through the device, to be tightened. The order was not only designed, but also manufactured at Solidcon.

Did you find any of the products interesting? Would you like to have your own product designed or made with us? Do not hesitate to contact us.