Design work tailored to your project

Make use of our design capacities just when you need them. Our experienced designers can work right at your place. We have modern hardware, as well as special 3D SOLIDWORKS software available. We handle various data formats and detailed technical documentation, including the conversion of your hardcopy drawings into electronic form.


A great benefit to your enterprise can be the professional and individual approach with which we will set about improving and reconstructing your existing equipment, creating technical documentation, redrawing drawings into 2D and 3D forms or create turnkey designs for individual components and entire assemblies. All this at a quality and price which will leave you pleasantly surprised.

We have many years’ experience in the development of single-purpose machines, handling, testing, transport and conveying equipment, as well as in the design of individual components and entire assemblies as part of general engineering. In close cooperation with our parent company SolidVision, we will be pleased to provide precision 3D scanning or additive production (3D printing). We have our own production plant where, on the basis of a structural design, you can get a reliable component manufactured directly – or go right ahead and get an entire machine assembly.

Would you like to use the services of our team of designers? Do not hesitate to contact us.